Aava Isle brings inspirational possibilities to the world of diving. Join us and take part in the story!

Aava Isle started as a lifelong dream of one man. By now it has far outgrown the imagination of any single person and wants you to join the ranks too! The idea of a underwater sports venue – above the surface of the sea – isn’t something one hears every day. It’s so fresh an idea that at the moment no one has a clear view of just how many different ways there are to use the Aava Isle for!

This is where we reach out for your help. Join our Community and let your ideas flow free! What would you do with the Aava Isle? Create a new water sport? Bring in your diving class for an introduction to the sport? Show the world a completely new version of Macbeth? Challenge yourself and your friends to create revolutionary ideas and we will reward the best of them as well as other activity in the community. Only the sky – or in this case the seabed – is the limit.

The Aava Isle seeks to create plenty of new jobs in various industries. Our goal is to create successful business opportunities for divers, performers and various other professionals and enthusiasts and we can’t do that alone. We need you to seize the opportunity and create something truly spectacular. We are about creating a stage for you to show your talent and imagination for the whole world and to make you shine like the star you are. This is a truly unique opportunity, join us to change the worlds of diving and entertainment for good!

Dive in today!

Joining the Aava Isle Community is easy. Log in using your Facebook account, or register a Community account here.

The Aava Isle Community has four groups you can see on the left. There are groups for diversshow professionalsother types of entertainers, and for developers. Each group is further divided into several interest groups – pick the ones you are interested in and join the discussion on the forums!

Your activity is rewarded

Our business model is a social one, and what we do is based on the principle of giving back. We reward you for your activity, ideas and expertise. Varying by the situation, the rewards we offer can include diving gear, gift cards and even money. Active users can also be offered special positions and the chance to help us manage our community.

Start by joining the groups you like best, taking part in the discussions on the forums and starting new topics. Active participation is rewarded with Diving points, which you can use to claim your rewards.

Got a new idea on how to reward the Community? Please share it with us!

Help us develop the community

In case you have ideas on how to make our community even better don’t hesitate to contact us! We love your input, go ahead and share any ideas you have for new topics, reward models or anything else you might have on your mind. To get the discussion going join the Aava Isle Community development groups and invite your friends too.

Every new user brings us one step closer to our dreams. Please step aboard, join the the discussion and remember to invite your friends too!

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